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How MSPs Can Prevent Ransomware Attacks

By Chris Bruneau The growing ransomware threat presents an opportunity to protect business-crippling attacks while generating more profit. A proper ransomware protection strategy requires a three-pronged approach, including education, security, and backup. Check out a few key points below: Education: Education is essential to protect your business from ransomware. It's critical that your staff understands what [...]

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5 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Small Business

5 Benefits of Managed IT Services with Your Small Business If you run a small business, it can be difficult to focus on growing your business at the same time as keeping your cybersecurity up to date. But you don't want to sacrifice one for the other. A managed services provider like Hoola [...]

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Understanding Managed Services, Part 1

What is Managed Services? The buzzword relating to IT Support is “Managed Services”, and every day more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. But what does managed services actually mean? And how can you tell if an IT Support company is not just using the word as a marketing tool, but is [...]

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6 Important Questions to Ask Your IT Provider

Now more than ever, it is very important that your business has a Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business. This means MSPs can stop viruses and fix problems before you even know there is one! These 6 [...]

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