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A look into business with a personal spin and just random thoughts throughout the day.

In Light of Recent Events

Some of you may have already heard about the tragedy that has befallen our owner's family. Rest assured, business at Hoola Tech is still going on as usual. Your systems are being monitored and our team is ready for any and all maintenance requests. Keep submitting tickets and someone from the Hoola team will [...]

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Understanding Managed Services, Part 2

As we talked about in our last article, managed services are a new way for a business to tackle its technology problems. Instead of following the old-school tradition of break-fix (literally meaning wait until the server, desktops or other critical networking devices fail, then scramble to fix them), a business operating with a managed service [...]

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My First Year as a Startup

I’m excited to announce that I’ve survived my first year in business. I have had so many ups and downs, too many to count. I wanted to share with anyone who might be planning on starting a company some of my key takeaways from the first year. What to Expect Your First Year – chaos [...]

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Breaking the rules of business

Photo by nantaskart I see signs all the time telling me I can’t cross here or I can’t go through this tunnel.There are various reasons for these signs some just to keep people safe, some to keep individuals out, and some just to stop momentum. The problem is we are always faced with [...]

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Super Bowl XLIX through a geek’s perspective

This time of year is tough for us non sporty geeks. I personally never know what I am supposed to do. The items I do enjoy are eating junk food, however this is just another day for me. The other is watching the super bowl commercials which in my eyes is just someone throwing YouTube [...]

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What is coworking to a small business owner?

Coworking Is getting more and more popular, what is it though? Dictionary explanation: The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. "the whole idea of coworking is to bring bright, creative people together and let [...]

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