Managed IT Indianapolis, IN

Managed IT Support Indianapolis, IN

Hoola Managed IT provides expert information technology solutions that are customized to meet your business needs. We’re here to simplify life with our managed IT services. You can grow your business without worrying your technology will get in the way.

Every Business Needs an IT Partner

The way your technology infrastructure was designed and managed has a direct impact on the success of your business. Although it’s essential to stay up to date with technology, these changes can be challenging to manage fast-growing firms. Maintaining critical IT systems can be difficult and expensive.

At Hoola, we create customized IT solutions for every business need. Our managed IT services in Indianapolis bring the most advanced technology to your business so your company can focus on what matters most – growing.

Complete IT Support for Businesses

No problem is too big or too small; our IT experts can handle it all. We help our clients maintain, grow and expand their businesses with custom IT solutions. Here’s how our services can help:

Our support goes beyond standard business hours, as we offer around-the-clock services to all clients.

If you are experiencing network issues, we can be there in 60 minutes or less.

Regular proactive maintenance

We design your software systems to be more efficient, which lowers costs. We offer a fast response time to resolve your issues.

Our services will help you stay compliant with industry regulations. Our cybersecurity resources help to protect data, web traffic, and other assets from outside entities. You don’t need to worry about any malicious software attack. Our team stays on top of industry best practices and can help you mitigate cybersecurity threats.

We use advanced security features like firewalls, anti-virus software, and other security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access.

You don’t need to worry about how to manage your IT infrastructure. We’ll organize it all for you.

Our team is full of IT experts who can help you with any project, big or small. Our team is knowledgeable in the latest computer hardware, operating systems, and networking technologies.

Business Growth Starts with IT

The rapid rate of business tech evolution has caused many businesses and their IT departments to fall behind the curve. Maintaining a current IT infrastructure is crucial to running an organization effectively. The need for effective IT systems is forcing businesses to invest in more than technology, requiring expertise to manage and maintain network systems.


Many companies are facing the need to modernize their IT systems to remain competitive. To make this more accessible and cost-effective, outsourcing your IT management to Hoola Tech makes sense for your bottom line and gives you that peace of mind you are ahead of the curve.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing services like ours have helped many organizations reduce their IT maintenance costs. With Hoola, you can be confident the security and stability of your network will be taken care of.

 Here are the benefits of working with our managed IT services:

Help desk support

  • Off-site backup and storage to protect your business
  • IT experts trained to handle high-level IT matters
  • Remote management solutions
  • Email protection systems
  • Backup monitoring and testing systems
  • Cloud computing services
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Our network is securely monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your data.

Remote access and a working partnership are essential to increasing productivity. We’ll be glad to look at your infrastructure and offer services that prevent end-users from experiencing any issues.

While many organizations have their own IT departments, they still rely on third-party experts for maintenance and specific expertise. We can help improve your productivity, reduce downtime, and save you money.

Get High Quality Managed IT Services in Indianapolis, IN

Having a partner who knows how to resolve all your IT issues is essential for businesses of all sizes. You can now leverage the latest technology for a fraction of the cost. Hoola Managed IT is a team of skilled professionals waiting to help any business in the Indianapolis area.